All Jackdaw Tube Amps are handbuilt in the USA using traditional methods of construction. Vintage NOS tubes are used in the preamps. My circuit topology provides a clean signal path and is inspired by tube PAs from the 40's and guitar amps from the early 50's. Only a volume and tone control are needed to dial in a great tone. Simplicity at its best, with this type of circuit you hear precisely what you put into the guitar coming through the amp.


2 x 6L6 power tubes in cathode bias Class A operation
Single channel, Volume & Tone controls
Made in USA transformers
120V AC 60Hz, 2.5A slo-blo fuse
Universal IEC power socket with built in noise filter
Ambrosia maple and cherry case, custom made knobs & badges


Jack Jr.

Vintage tone in a reliable package built to last. A 15W all tube amp; rectiier tube, preamps and power tubes are all NOS octal 8 pin tubes. It is handbuilt point to point with no circuit boards or solid state components. This type of circuit, with a pentode & dual-triode preamp feeding a pair of 6V6GT power tubes goes back to the early 50's, when a volume and tone control were all that was needed to get great tone. This circuit is cathode biased Class A amp with no bias adjustment needed. Built using high quality American made transformers, NOS tubes, precision parts, & heavy duty hardware.

Rect.   6AX5GT

Preamp   6SJ7

Phase Inv.   6SL7

Power   2x 6V6GT


Big Jack

The Jackdaw JT-40 model was developed with Joe Taylor as a no compromise amp to be used live and in the studio. I began working on this circuit years ago in the Jack Jr., a smaller 6V6 powered amp still in production. The move to 6L6 power was accompanied by substantial changes in the preamp section and voicing of the amp to compliment high efficiency high wattage speakers.

The 6SJ7 preamp provides high gain, low distortion and good compression even at low volume. The 6SL7 phase inverter splits the signal driving a pair of 6L6 power tubes running in cathode bias class A making about 35W.  Cathode biasing means no adjustments needed...and is chosen for the great sustain, touch sensitivity and sweet tone it provides.  With extensive development work done in the voicing of the preamp, only a simple volume and tone control are needed. The simple direct signal path gives great fidelity and accuracy.  Powerful enough to gig, quiet enough for recording.  The sound of a golden era amp in a reliable ruggedized build.  Achieves the warm cranked tube sound even at low volume.  Plenty of clean headroom, with smooth all tube overdrive past half volume.  Stabile and usable at all volume levels.  Each amp tuned and tweaked individually, play tested and certified

The Big Jack is a 30W all tube amp; it uses triode and pentode preamp tubes in the first stage that can be used singly or together with a blender. It is hand built point to point wired with no circuit boards or solid state components. This type of circuit, with both a pentode and dual-triode preamp feeding a pair of 6L6 power tubes has plenty of gain, and the means to control it. With the Volume, Treble, Bass, Preamp blender, 5879 compression and gain, it’s easy to dial in your tube driven tone. This circuit is cathode biased Class A amp with no bias adjustment needed. Built using high quality American made transformers, NOS tubes, precision parts and heavy duty hardware. It’s vintage tone in a reliable package built to last.

rect. GZ34

preamp 5879, 12AX7

phase inv. 12AX7

power 2x 6L6

30W at 8ohm speaker output

4,8,16 ohm outputs

All pine speaker cabinet and head

1/2” birch baffle

Jensen P15N Alnico speaker!

Custom tolex and covers

Tube selection

The 6SJ7gt is a sharp cutoff pentode made in the 50's. I use mil-spec NOS tubes, each is tested, graded and play tested. The NOS 6SK7gt can also be used in V1 as a substitute

The 6SL7gt is available in NOS from the 60's, and is in current production, so there are many options

I use TAD 6L6WGC-str black plate tubes which sound very close to my old RCA's and are built to withstand heavy use

Made in USA transformers with full freq response OT

Ceramic tube sockets

Point to point hand wired, no circuit boards

IEC power mains input with EMI filter

Filtered D.C. filament supply for low noise

Single channel, volume and tone control

Power and standby switches

Single channel 15W All tube amp with simple volume and tone control. Small and lightweight but hits hard for its size. Cathode bias Class A operation means no biasing required, and of course the touch sensitivity, clarity and sweet tone cathode bias is known for...matched with a 50W speaker for more headroom and volume before going into overdrive. Great for practice, studio, or mic'ed on stage, the Rook 15 was designed to meet customers demands for a small, easy to carry combo amp that still packs a punch.

2x 12ax7 preamps

2x 6v6 power

5y3 rectifier

12" 50w Cannabis Rex speaker

Rook 15 Combo

Double Trouble uses two parallel preamp tubes, a pentode and a triode, with their own volume controls, allowing one or both to be used together. The triode alone offers the clean side, the pentode alone higher gain and compression. When used together a super fat overdrive with rich harmonics is attained. The ability to blend the two preamps together allows great versatility in dialing in your sound, while keeping it dead simple with two knobs. Per standard Jackdaw practice it is built completely by hand, point to point construction and running cathode bias Class A. Small and light enough to carry easily, this model is for customers wanting 6L6 power in a handy combo with enough gain to retire your stompboxes.

30W All tube amp with dual preamps

5879 pentode preamp

12AX7 preamp

Separate volume control for each preamp, single tone control

2x 6L6gc power

5Y3 rectifier

12" 60W Vintage 30 speaker

Double Trouble